Working on integrating my old directory

  • Hey, just wanted to tell you about the new navigation items on the main menu:

    Website Directroy

    Website Updates

    These two sections of the website were something I created in the old website. It was originally a directory of all the best superheroine-related links, and a graphical listing of all the updates from the major websites.

    But then I got hold of creating a social network for superheroine lovers and so I replaced the old directory with this beast!

    Anyhow, I'm working on integrating the old directory into this social network because I still think its really useful.

    Webmasters of websites can submit their website to the directory. Once approved webmasters can then submit updates to let everyone know what's going on. i.e. a title, thumnbnail, and description.

    Its gonna take a while to get all the old images back onto the directory because I lost them all when I wiped the server.