Obsession with Supergirl

  • Hi Frnds

    I'm a Supergirl fan.....I think her outfit is the sexiest among all the superheroines.......but there are other super sexy heroines as well....i think Electra's outfit is sexy....I think Black Cat is super hot.......Even for that matter Black Canary and Huntress are hot.....why most of the fans are obssesed with Supergirl only??

  • Sandy Dev
    Sandy Dev hey mike??u good??
    October 23, 2010
  • DJ Mista Oz
    DJ Mista Oz i'm fine sandy i'm been busy this weekend helping a friend of mine in a anime & comic convention
    October 23, 2010
  • Jei .
    Jei . Supergirl is a classic and an icon. I def. agree there are other really hot superheroines out there but after seeing the 1980s Supergirl film I personally was hooked.
    Supergirl is the ultimate good. So people enjoy bringing her down to their level or lower..
    November 4, 2010
  • Sandy Dev
    Sandy Dev hey jei!!!!supergirl is ma fav too!!!!but i personally like bringing down other heroines as well!!!!i'm specially like black cat......i think she used to wear that tight black leotard just to attract spidey and take him to bed......she has this super-atti...  more
    November 5, 2010