Girl of Steel - Part 2

  • Chapter 2 – Supergirl


    Kara slowed down as she noticed a huge icy structure which looked familiar to her almost like she was home, the crystal she was holding started to glow faster and faster whenever she got closer to the structure.

    It didn’t take Kara long before she arrived at the structure, she saw an opening, big enough to walk through, and so she entered. What awaited for her amazed her greatly. The structures interior was white, with ice looking beams from the floor, criss-crossing near the top to make a pyramid like structure. “Where am I?” she said with her voice echoing through the building. As she walked in, she came across a panel of cylindrical glass tubes, some of them had white crystals pointing out and however one had a green crystal. She took the green crystal and placed it into another tube.

    Suddenly, a glowing white light appeared, followed by a face Kara was familiar with.

    “My son,” the face said.

    “Jor-el?” Kara said.

    “You do not remember me” Jor-el finished as Kara removed the crystal from the tube.

    She looked at the green crystal she had been holding ‘I wonder’ she thought as placed it into the same tube.

    The same white light appeared, only this time it was a different face.

    “My child” the face said.

    “Mother?” replied Kara.

    “You made it to your new home safely; I am relieved to see, however some years later than expected it seems?” Lara Continued “Kal-el is now a grown man on this planet, not the child he was when he left your home world. He has grown custom to the human’s way of life.”

    Kara interrupted “How am I supposed to protect him then, if he’s a grown man surely he doesn’t need my protection?”

    “Oh my dear Kara, now I must tell you the real reason for Krypton’s destruction. The Red Krypton Sun was dying, not by a natural occurrence, but by an unknown, dark, sinister force, with only one intention - the destruction of the entire universe. Jor-el knew this, but had no power to prevent Krypton from being destroyed, but he knew that you and Kal-el, on a planet with a yellow sun, would stand a much better chance against it. Kal-el had no knowledge of this and mustn’t until the time is right, it is his destiny to face the darkness and to lead the human race into the light and with you by his side, and it’s for that reason above all, that I have sent you this… my final gift to you.”

    The vision of Kara’s mother began to disappear, replaced by a shining bright light. Kara covered her eyes, but the light was too intense that it brought her to her knees.

    The light disappeared so Kara uncovered her eyes and stood to her feet. Her clothing had changed, instead of the white dress she was wearing; it had changed to a blue tunic with a red pentagon shape and S and yellow background, red skirt with yellow V shaped belt, red cape and red boots. Kara couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked in amazement at her new attire. Kara then felt a sudden surge like electricity flowing through her body; she looked up to see an opening through the roof of the fortress and took a giant leap into the air. Kara soared through the opening and high into the night sky. Kara stopped and hovered in the air, looking down at the ground below with amazement.