The Adventures of Supergirl 01

  • The Adventures of Supergirl


    “The End of Supergirl!”



    Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to soar across the sky like a missile, it’s Supergirl! From the long lost planet Krypton, the Maiden of Might In her secret identity of mild mannered secretary Linda Lee Danvers works at the Daily Planet in Metropolis and fights for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.


    Metropolis 1950


    Star reporter Lois Lane sat next to her friend Linda Danvers and shook her head. The beautiful brunette reporter was dressed in her normal women’s business suit. The skirt, pulled a little more up the knee than would be considered descent by others, the reporter crossed her nylon covered legs as she sat on the edge of Linda’s desk.


    “This is baloney Linda, letting that Michael O’Neil out of prison.” Lois was frowning at their paper’s latest headline.


    Linda wasn’t that happy herself. As her alter-ego Supergirl she had put the mobster away for what she believed would be a long time. Somehow the criminal had won his freedom with an appellate court. She focused on her work as Lois continued to complain. She was proofreading something Perry White was sending to the paper’s owners while Lois complained about the justice system. Suddenly an alarm bell reached her ears. Linda’s super sensitive hearing picked up on the sound of a bank alarm; a robbery must be in progress. Quickly she made an excuse to leave.


    “Lois if Mr. White comes by, let him know I had to go down to accounting to check our numbers. I think there is a mistake.” Linda explained.


    Half listening, Lois nodded and Linda made her way to the floor’s storage room. Once inside she locked the door. With a pull she opened up the white blouse she wore, revealing her red and yellow S symbol. Linda shrugged off the shirt and then went for her belt and skirt. Once these were gone she now stood in her blue skin tight mini-dress, yellow belt, and red cape. A quick reach into a secret compartment allowed Linda to grab her red boots. She kicked off her heels and slipped her stocking feet into the footwear. Finally she removed her glasses and undid the pins in her hair. As if she had just stepped out of a salon, the blonde locks fell down to her neck and shoulders.


    “This is a job for Supergirl.” She smirked. Opening the window Supergirl flew out and flew over the city towards the alarm.


    It didn’t take long. She landed in front of the bank in question. It wasn’t open yet but Supergirl could see someone had busted in through the back door. Confidently she entered and was so focused on finding the robber she didn’t see that this was a trap of a sorts. Supergirl didn’t notice her red boots tripping a small thin line laid just above the bottom of the door. As the Girl of Steel walked into the bank a panel flipped down in the wall and a machinegun appeared! Supergirl was caught off guard as the .30 caliber weapon roared with fire. Her body however stood up to the barrage of bullets with ease. She grinned as the bullets bounced off her blue uniform and invulnerable skin.


    That is why it was such a surprise when she felt like she had been kicked in the gut. Supergirl grasped her belly and grimaced in….pain. Linda looked up, she didn’t know what had happened but she didn’t intend it to happen again. Supergirl moved out of the way of the bullets, the rest had been bouncing off her, and with a blast of heat-vision she destroyed the machinegun.


    Supergirl looked around for anyone. There was nobody in the room or the bank. She returned to the broken machinegun and examined it. The melted metal was normal along with all the shell cases. Linda briefly considered looking at the bullets themselves but most were smashed on the ground or imbedded in the walls. She hadn’t a clue on why one of the rounds seemed to affect her. Police sirens signaled that Metropolis’s finest were on the way. They were going to need an explanation for the alarm and smashed machinegun. Linda walked out of the bank to meet the officers.


    With Supergirl gone, a hidden panel opened up. It had been lead lined and made soundproof. Supergirl never knew someone was in there. The occupant was a woman, she quickly ran out of the bank holding a camera. She was smiling as she slipped away.




    Mobster Michael O’Neil was getting impatient as she sat at his desk waiting for this quack of a scientist to finish setting up the projector. Two of his guys, some of the limited muscle he had left were here as well. The Irish crime boss had a lot of hard work ahead of him to rebuild his empire. It still annoyed him that he had been beaten by what was basically a cheerleader in a red cape. That’s why he looked for a way to destroy the Girl of Steel. Supposedly this woman scientist had one.


    “Alright Luthor you better show me something and quickly. You are costing me a lot of money and I want to know what it’s going towards!” 


    Alexandra Luthor smiled at the mobster. The dark haired former scientist thought O’Neil was an idiot but he was an idiot that was a means to an end, the destruction of Supergirl! Alex wore a nice black and grey suit with black stockings and high heels. Although she didn’t look it, Luthor was brilliant. She had tried to use her knowledge though for personal gain no matter what the cost. She had come against Supergirl and like her employer, Alexandra lost. However in several more encounters, Luthor was confident she discovered the means to kill Supergirl.


    “Of course Mr. O’Neil.” She answered. Alex motioned for one of the thugs to kill the lights and close the blinds. He did and she started the projector.


    O’Neil watched as Supergirl stepped inside the bank and was hit by the machinegun bullets. He was about to complain when he noticed near the end Supergirl doubled over and looked, hurt. Suddenly his mood improved, “What happened? What did you do? Why didn’t you finish her?”


    Luthor turned off the film before Supergirl melted the lasers. She turned and spoke as the lights came back on, “One of those bullets Mr. O’Neil was tipped with a tiny amount of a special material.”


    She walked over to a desk and opened up a large black box. It was made of lead. O’Neil saw the strangest green glow come from the box and Alex turned around. Proudly she showed him a strange glowing rock, “Behold Mr. O’Neil, Kryptonite the key to destroying Supergirl.”


    “Kryptonite? What the hell is that?” O’Neil asked.


    Luthor bit her tongue, she was getting tired of all the questions, “It’s a fragment of Supergirl’s home planet. It gives off radiation.”


    One of thugs’ eyes widened and he stammered, “Radiation! What like the A-Bomb?”


    She shook her head, “Yes but this kind is harmless to you and me. However it’s deadly to Supergirl.”


    “How do you know that?” O’Neil followed. Luthor explained how during a heist at the Observatory a few months ago she encountered Supergirl in the building. A chase brought her to the meteor exhibit. It was there Luthor watched Supergirl get weak and helpless. She quickly deduced which rock from space had been responsible.


    “Okay and to make sure you did that bullet test.” The mobster concluded.


    Alexandra smiled, “Exactly. That bullet was the only one to affect her. Thanks to your men we acquired this rock. Now all we need to do is to set a trap for her.”


    “Easy enough, we’ll kidnap that reporter friend of hers.”




    Lois Lane was heading out of the Daily Planet after a long day of work. Once again she had parked her car behind the Planet’s loading and shipping bay. It was just easier in her opinion than fighting for parking out in front of the building. As she approached the car Lois swore she saw someone following her. Carefully she increased her walking pace. She reached her car and unlocked the door and climbed inside. As she sat down and tried to see who this guy was, an arm wrapped around her neck and another covered her face.


    O’Neil’s thug who had hidden in the car laughed, “Don’t fight it lady, this is chloroform, you’ll go right to sleep.”


    The reporter struggled but found that the thug was right. She breathed in the sleepy fumes and found herself growing weaker. Lois slummed into her seat and the thug held the cloth on tight, making sure she was out. Once he was satisfied he removed the chloroform and stepped out of the car. After calling to the other thug he got into the car and moved Lois out of the driver’s seat. He tossed her into the back but made sure to tie her hands and feet together. He knocked the reporter’s heels off revealing her stocking feet. With Lois secure, he drove away.


    About a half hour later the first thug who spooked Lois went for a phone booth. He quickly dialed the number he had been told to call by the boss. Up in the Daily Planet, Linda answered.


    “Hello Daily Planet bullpen.”


    “Listen up, Lois Lane has been kidnapped. Don’t think about calling the cops.” The thug ordered.


    Linda looked around; she was alone in the office, Lois having left earlier, “Alright I’m listening, what you want?”


      “My boss wants Supergirl to pay him a visit.” He answered, “Michael O’Neil wants to have a little chat with her. You people at the Planet seem to know how to get ahold of her, so I would do as I say.”


    “Alright, where should Supergirl go?” Linda said. She listened to the address, and old mansion outside the city. The thug hung up threatening her to keep the cops out of it. She would do so.


    Heading for the storage closet, Linda wondered what O’Neil was up to. Did he have something to do with the bank, and Supergirl still wondered what had hit her. Her stomach was still a bit sore. Linda mentally chided herself for the random thoughts. It didn’t matter what O’Neil was up to, she would save Lois and take his criminal butt back to prison. Changing quickly into her blue uniform and freeing her blonde hair, Supergirl leapt from the window and into the air.




    Michael O’Neil was smoking a cigar in his office when Supergirl landed on his balcony. The big open doors allowed the heroine to walk right in. She assumed her classic pose putting her hands on her hips and looking with determined face at him.


    “O’Neil, I see you couldn’t handle a day out of prison without committing a crime. It’s a good thing you haven’t been out longer; returning to prison might have been upsetting otherwise.” Supergirl said, “Where’s Lois?”


    O’Neil laughed and stood up, “Come on Supergirl no banter? I’ve been waiting a few years for this encounter why can’t you just let me enjoy it?”


    Supergirl stepped forward and crossed her arms, “I’m in no mood for games O’Neil. Now where is Lois Lane?”


    He sighed, “Fine.”


    The mobster pressed a button on his desk and a TV came on in the back. Supergirl looked at the black and white image and looked shocked. Lois was trapped in a room which was filling slowly with water. The reporter was pounding on the steel walls, trying to get out. Supergirl scanned the building but found she couldn’t find her.


    “Problem Supergirl?” O’Neil snickered, “That’s the problem with these buildings these days. So much lead in the buildings and all that soundproofing. “


    Supergirl turned and grabbed O’Neil by the collar. The mobster gasped and dropped his cigar as he was lifted up into the air by the blonde bombshell. Supergirl’s body didn’t convey the strength she possessed. He was nervous for a moment but remembered the plan, “Hey watch it this suit cost more than your life.”


    “I’m going to take this place apart O’Neil, your little hideout won’t last long against my strength.” Supergirl told him.


    “True enough Supergirl, but if you do that than the water which is slowly filling Ms. Lane’s tank will dump all at once!” He grinned. 

    Supergirl quickly thought about it, “You have a way of turning it off don’t you? Well unless you want to go into space O’Neil I suggest you tell me how to stop that water.”


    “Not a chance sweetheart.” He laughed. 


    Supergirl grinned and lifted off the ground, her boots hovering above the floor. O’Neil who was actually afraid of flying shrieked, “Okay, okay, I’ve got a remote control to cut it off.”


    “Where is it?” Supergirl demanded.


    O’Neil just gave her a smart ass grin. With annoyance Supergirl tossed him onto the ground. He grunted and Linda scanned the room looking for a remote control. It didn’t take long for her to notice a black lead box on the ground. Supergirl shook her head and walked over to it, “What you thought you could hide it from me by encasing it in lead?”


    She easily broke the padlock on the front of the box. A squeeze of her hand had easily shattered the metal. O’Neil looked panicked as if his plan had gone off the wheels, “No don’t open that Supergirl!”


    Supergirl ignored him, and flipped open the lid. She never expected the green glow which washed over her. A slight buzzing began in her ear and she felt strange. Looking down at the green rock in the box she was paralyzed. A female voice began chuckling as O’Neil stood up and he grinned too.


    “He told you not to open that Supergirl.” Alexandra Luthor said as she revealed herself, “That’s kryptonite Supergirl, a little piece of home just for you.”


    Supergirl backed away, she was feeling weak and strange. Clearly this rock, a piece of Krypton no less, was responsible. Only once had she felt this way before, the night at the observatory! Luthor had been there and must have learned what had caused her to lose her powers!


    Luthor walked forwards towards the box. Supergirl backed up and bumped into a table. She leaned on it, suddenly feeling as if her legs couldn’t keep her standing. O’Neil watched with rapt attention, he was enjoying this. Alex smiled at Supergirl as she reached in and grabbed the kryptonite. There was a clinking sound as the woman removed it from the box. Luthor had added a loop of black chain to the rock; she would place it around Supergirl’s neck!


    Alexandra would have paid a million bucks to see the look on Supergirl’s face as she removed the kryptonite necklace. The heroine held a hand out as if begging Luthor to stop. Alexandra of course had not such intention.


    “I knew this would be the outcome of our struggle Supergirl. In the end it would always be me overcoming you.” Luthor held the chain and walked forward. Supergirl tried to slip away; she slid off the table and back. Clearly her strength was fading as she breathed heavier and her eyes started to become closed.


    Linda slid along the wall now, trying to get away from the draining piece of kryptonite. Luthor raised the necklace and smiled, “Mind over muscle.”


    Supergirl closed her eyes and gasped as the kryptonite was now only a few feet away. O’Neil came up to her on the opposite side and held her. The mobster was now much stronger than the former Maiden of Might. He enjoyed the feel of the heroine’s tight uniform. With a smirk he lifted her blue skirt, revealing the bottom of her blue covered bottom. Luthor caught him through and gave him a look. He sighed and got back to business, holding Supergirl tight.


    Alexandra lifted the necklace above Supergirl’s head, opening the chain loop wide enough to drape the deadly jewelry around Supergirl. As the metal clinked together the black chain rested on Supergirl’s body along with the kryptonite.


    “Ohh….” She moaned as the rock came into contact with her famous S symbol. Linda couldn’t believe it, she was so weak, her mighty strength gone!


    Both O’Neil and Luthor took her arms. They were the only ones keeping her upright. Supergirl was helpless between them. O’Neil and Luthor carried her to a wall. The mobster pulled on what looked like a window curtain’s rope. In reality a hidden panel slid open. O’Neil laughed the old geezer who first owned this place had been real paranoid. His ‘protection room’ had been the perfect place to dispose of Supergirl.


    Luthor leaned in and said, “It’s only fitting that the Last Daughter of Krypton is killed by a piece of her dead world.”


    Supergirl’s head hung low, she wanted to tell them they would never get away with this but she couldn’t. Linda had no idea how she would get out of this. Alex looked at her employer and nodded, with shove the two than sent Supergirl down into the water right next to Lois Lane. The reporter was shocked to see Supergirl and how helpless she looked. As she came next to Supergirl, Alexandra mocked them from above, “We have to leave you two now, but don’t worry Ms. Lane you are going to be directly involved with the biggest story of century, ‘The End of Supergirl!’ With that the door slid closed again.


    “Supergirl, what’s going on?” Lois asked as she helped the heroine up.


    Supergirl couldn’t stay upright though, her strength had left her and Linda was behind held up in the water by Lois, “They….have….learned….my weakness…..this meteor…its….kryptonite….”


    Lois moved to remove the chain, it took some work but she got the necklace of Supergirl and dumped it into the growing pool of water. However Supergirl still hadn’t recovered the water now had a sickly green glow.


    “What can I do Supergirl; it won’t be long before this whole room is filled with water.” Lois asked with concern.


    “We need…to get…the kryptonite away… there anywhere we….could dump it?” Supergirl weakly answered.


    Lois looked around seeing only smooth steel walls. She quickly thought back though to when they shoved her in here. With a grin she said, “There’s a cover or hatch down there. Maybe I can open it.”


    Linda closed her eyes and nodded, “Only….chance….”


    Supergirl did her best to stay afloat as Lois took a deep breath and dived under the water. She swam down and saw the glowing kryptonite on the bottom of their cell. Its green light helped her see the hatch at the bottom. She saw it had a big heavy wheel handle. Lois wasn’t sure she could move it. Locking her arms around it she tried to move the wheel. It wouldn’t budge. O’Neil had correctly figured that Lois lacked the strength needed to open it. Needing air she swam up and saw that the water was nearly to the roof!


    “Supergirl….it’s so…hard to move” Lois explained as she took some breaths they paddled water.  


    Supergirl was losing the strength to do so her head kept dipping below the water. Lois helped her and the heroine answered, “You need….a lever…or something to give….an advantage.”


    Lois shook her head, “Where do we get…..wait! Hold on Supergirl.”


    She took another deep breath and dived down. Supergirl on the other hand struggled to stay above the water. She gasped and found that she just couldn’t stay up any longer. Supergirl slipped under the water, her mind starting to fall into unconsciousness.  


    Lois had reached the hatch and took the kryptonite necklace. It was long enough for her to wrap it around the one of the openings in the wheel. She pulled with all her might. The young woman knew she had to do this; she had to save herself and Supergirl. With strength she didn’t know she had, Lois finally got the wheel to move. With joy she turned it quickly, unlocking the hatch.  Water began to flow through the hatch. Lois took the kryptonite and let it go with the water. Once it was gone she swam back up and was horrified to see Supergirl floating under the water out cold!


    She grabbed the heroine and popped their heads above the water, which was flowing out thankfully. Lois shook Supergirl, “Supergirl, oh Supergirl please wake up!”


    Linda coughed and shook her head. She was feeling much better. Supergirl looked at Lois and smiled, “Good job Lois!”


    “You feel better?” Lois asked.


    Supergirl wrapped an arm around her friend and shot up with her flight power. Linda felt great as she punched through the steel and then the old house itself. Once outside she landed Lois in the front of the building and stood with her.


    “Thank you Lois you saved my life.” Supergirl said.


    Lois chuckled, “Seems only fair after all the times you’ve saved me.”


    “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to catch O’Neil and Luthor.” Supergirl flew into the air leaving the soaking wet reporter to watch her fly off with a smile on her face.


    However the smile disappeared when Lois realized she was soaking wet, “I need a towel.”




    “Supergirl’s dead, finally.” Luthor said with pleasure.


    “How long before we go back there?” O’Neil asked he was smoking another cigar.


    She brushed away the smoke with a hand; they were riding away from the old mansion. Alexandra looked at the mob boss and said, “I’ll be returning to collect Supergirl’s remains that was the deal remember? You stay away to avoid suspicion.”


    “Yeah, yeah, too bad I won’t be able to blab to the press about this.” He would however be spreading it around, Michael O’Neil was back and if he could take out Supergirl how could and of the low life punks stand in his way.


    They were about to turn onto the Metropolis Skyway when suddenly the car lifted off the ground. O’Neil shouted at his men to tell him what the hell was going on. Luthor didn’t need to know, she slunk in her she and muttered, “Next time Supergirl!”


    Holding the big Ford in her arms above her head, Supergirl smiled having heard Luthor’s comment with her hearing, and so ended another adventure for Supergirl!